Vacuum Lines:

No boost?

I took the 20v around NHIS and in turn three I either had 1.3 bar boost, or NONE.

It was kinda predictable, right turn: BOOST, left turn / straight; NONE.

Samco upper and lower hoses, new BPV, Hmmmmm.  Vac lines?

So I figured it was a loose connection and placed it in the "to do" list.

Three months later the answer was E Z.

Here's the BPV, with the old Vac line on it. 

The other end of this line behind the engine and IM was the issue.

Here's how the Sedan looked last year.

We replaced it with another rubber line and copper over the IM.

Here's the culprit, this comes from the green "Tee" going towards the passenger side of the

firewall into a plastic tube, presumably for the ECU.  This chaffed against the BPV line.

Its perforated by cracks everywhere.  Cut and replace and 1.6 bar right off the bat!


Other things to check:

Hose to IC

or the OEM black one shown below:

Turbo to IM / IC hose (below)

WGFV  Wastegate Frequency valve (was next item to check)

Turbo shot

every vacuum line