200 Type 44 (10v Avant) Suspension

Check torque values for bolts against Bentley or similar Repair Manual.

Ode to Bernie page.  09-14-2004


I am not a mechanic or certified in suspension repair.

Directions at the bottom of this page VISUAL reference only.

Here we have a type 44 (1990 10V Avant) front strut disassembly.

The photos are in NO particular order.  Just quickly posted for reference. 


Zoom in of the Bilstein tool.  One per cartridge assembly (set of four)

We cut the one on the right as a test application

Camber Plates / "Suspension Strut Mounting"

Drivers' side shown above.

Part number and Blau invoice above.

NOTE: 200 20V (1991) part COMPLETELY Different! $90 vs $20.

Measurements in Millimeters

Adjustment slots.  Lowered cars may need adjustments to these to bring in camber.

2bennett in Cali, makes these camber plates for lowered cars:


Tools used to disassemble:

Top strut shaft nut socket.

Passenger side shown above and below.

Strut Cartridge Removal

After the top nut is removed and the camber plate you can then use

the OEM Zelenda tool: Vag 2069


1/2" drive, ~27CM long


hollow, top designed to fix the hex in threaded OEM cap.


to remove the threaded cap which holds the strut cartridge in the housing.

Strut removal tool into threaded cap as viewed from inside the strut assembly.

OEM Boge Strut insert under fender

Getting ahead of ourselves.....

A question we had when we disassembled.

Answer:  The Old bumper stop and metal cone

are NOT reused with a Bilstein installation.

Old OEM (foreground) vs. Bilstein insert (Background)

There is a strut bearing held in the black (hole) where the yellow Bilstein is going.

Strut Bearing

Part number. 413 412 249 D.

4000Q/80/90 Green Meyle said to be more durable (in some applications).


If you use Boge, Koni or O.E shock (strut) inserts, use the bump stops.

Below is all the OEM stuff that come out on top of the FRONT strut insert

(Strut bearing not shown)

Since the FRONT Bilstein has internal bumper stops AND is a thicker shaft,

none of the OEM bumpers stops are re-used in Bilstein replacements.

Through research the REARS are this part number BE5-2593-H0

whether lowering springs are used or not. For Sports AND HD.

This REAR (below) is used in BOTH kits:  O.E. & Lowering (H&R, Eibach)....

Part number below and assembled insert above.

The Bilstein part includes this Spring perch or bottom support.

Scratch my head looking spot welds.....

Here's the lower perch installed:  Slid down the shock onto the lip on the body


Bilstein Directions translated by Bilstein In CA.

FRONTS: One sheet of directions in German




I haven't doen the rears, but my question is #12 in the diagram. 

Is it on the shock? (#15?)  or is it and item missing in my shock box?

From Fig #2, the diagram is a cutaway view of the included spring perch / bottom.

#10 is the little black rubber sleeve at the bottom of the threads on the shaft above.

Related info from the Audifans.com site 04/14/2004:

From: Chuck Pierce <cpc****@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: bilstein strut tool
HI Gang
AS a former bike shop owner I did some research for these tools Brandon
spoke about Here are a couple of URL's  for some tools that should work

Bracket&tc=Lockring Spanners&item_id=HZ-C205

Bracket&tc=Lockring Spanners&item_id=PA-HCW5

There is also a tool that looks like a big set of pliers with teeth to
bite into the cap and allow you a hang on and twist. With the onset of
the newer cartridge bottom brackets these specialized tools for the old
style BB's are fading away. I prefer the Hozan tool in the above as it
cast and fits better, it also as two different diameter lockring sizes.
In looking for the pliers version check with your local bike shop and
see if they have a United Bicycle Tool Catalog, if a bike tool is made
they have it.

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq Avant

Brandon Rogers wrote:

>I didn't have the proper tool when I installed my Bilsteins - but what I
>used was perfect - a Park (brand) Bottom Bracket Tool for bicycles.  Same
>concept - an arched hook with a claw on the end.  I'd say it was 99% ideal.
>hopefully they still make it - as today's bottom brackets do not require the
>use of this tool - like Audi's they require the use of a new specail

>Check with your local quality bike shop or even REI.

>Audi and bike geek

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>From: "Ken Keith" <audi***@gmail.com>
>To: <200q20v@audifans.com>
>Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2004 5:29 PM
>Subject: bilstein strut tool

>>Does anyone know if this tool is supposed to be supplied with front
>>bilstein struts?  I recall having one long ago that was included in
>>another set, since lost, but my current set doesn't have one in the


>>I'd prefer not to use a pipe wrench on the collars.  There's a
>>modified Sears tool described in the next link that can be used, but
>>I'm wondering if I should have received the tool from Bilstein.


>>My vendor says I'm supposed to come up with it myself, which seems
>>pretty crappy.  I've left a message with Bilstein to see what they
>>have to say.


These part numbers are for lower springs on a 1990 and older 200/5000.

Check H&R's website for additional fitments.

Sway Bar:

1990 200 10V Avant

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