How DO you go 205 MPH on a bike?

Courtesy of the "Smoking gun"


How do they time you?

From the sky?  Well, here's the old way: STOP WATCH.

Kustom KR-11 with the "stop watch" feature.

The above reading is during the initial test sequence.

The limits of the system seem to be 256 MPH or 3.4 seconds at 440 yards.

Highest reading obtainable on the KR-11 at 440 yards or 1280 feet 1/4 mile.

I extrapolated 247 MPH at 3.6 seconds

Average speed vs time is NOT linear.

Now every 0.1 seconds is 4 MPH

At a Quarter mile: 205 MPH AVERAGE is a 4.3 second ride.


Any "unit" with a timer and distance computer can be used similar to a VASCAR unit.

NH uses timing marks at 1500 feet.  This makes the thumbwheel reading 500 yards.

States using 1280 feet (1/4 mile) use the range input as 440 Yards like the example above.

Simply put:  A stop watch and a speed chart is all that's needed.

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