4000 Page



Vacuum Leaks  and Broken Wires


Dealer Window Sticker 1986

Fender Rolling

Engine Swap 10V to 20V 3B


Author's First or Second 'Quattro" event in his 1986 4000Q

James Bee Instructing. Uphill towards West Bend.

This particular car made it to about 400,000 miles on the "original clutch".

AFAIK:  I bought it around 1993 with ~80,000 miles on it.

Sadly, it was scrapped in 2003.

Brothers' 1987 4000Q Red, Black Quattro Script interior 200K / TMU

Sadly sold to a gent in Tennessee.

More photos from Brett  at this link:


Rally Lights For Sale:

I know nothing about them.  There are four of them. 

Far right one has this housing break.

....and this tape at the top.

2nd from right appears fine except for this superficial stone chip.

I have no idea the wattage but the only clue MAY BE a 75 on the glass lenses.

The far left housing is cracked at the base and is taped.

The photo above is fine and shows the homemade brace that comes with the set up.