Audi Fender Rolling 101

You'll need to chock the wheels so you can jack up the car without it moving.

The transmission needs to be in neutral so you can move the rotor back and forth.

Roller and Heat gun in the box

From Pure Motorsport in Temecula CA.  Thanks to Kia from AW for the source.

Right off I found a problem.

Even though its "drilled" for both 4 x 10Xmm and 5 x 112mm

The Audi bolts didn't fit through the four slots.

Only the top bolt hole is elongated to accept either diameter bolt.

The tool comes with above Audi bolts (ball) and some thin thread conical bolts.

I used the rings to provide a smooth,

flush surface mating to the tool when mounted on the hub.

I made two alignment adjustments to mate the roller to the inner fender edge.

The long "T" handle is twisted tighter to put more pressure "out" on the fender.

BEFORE YOU ROLL, apply even heat to the whole WORK area

on "low" until the fender is really warm to the touch. Go over often.

Inside the fender is a plastic liner, I removed the two screws whose heads

were in the rollers way. The liner remains anchored at both bottom edges.

Roller contact along inner fender edge.

If you REALLY push out the panel, the rest of the fender will twist and bend.

The door gap seemed to increase a bit, but maybe its the perspective.

Here is the finished roll on the rear wheel well.


I went really far in the dark.  There is surprising panel movement when you "roll" out the panel.

The above photo has a comparison clip

The inner edge has a "J" shape to it.

The lower portion of the "J" is pressed by the wheel into the outer fender panel.

Further wheel rolling then pushes the fender outwards.

Stop when you're happy, I suspect it will only go so far before the lip folds upward.

Here is the only casualty, the LAST fender I did.

A slight crack and peel in the paint at the bottom edge.

Shine-y new under that 20 year paint protection.

Interesting once the paint cracked, the heat made it "curl".

Each fender took an hour or so.

I tightened the top bolt ONLY and the smaller ones just to "align" the tool to the hub.

Only the 1 Audi bolt could be tightened to this 4000Q hub.

Bad Video of rolling motion : Ideally, fender edge should be on center of roller.

Rolled & Flared

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