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The above cut and paste link is SO right on.  This guy NAILS it!

Car drivin' into puddle then runs rough.

Vag - Com scan version 303.1

Strange that the Cylinder #2 repeats itself.

Subject is driven very little and is garaged. 43K

The motor cover is taken off to expose the top of the head and the coil packs.

The cover has three Dusze fasteners.

Here's how the coil packs are removed:  First the connector.

The actual solution will be under the air filter cover above by the wrist.

There is a metal retainer that needs to be lifted up.

Working what we believe is cylinder #2 connector loose.

Then you can slide the connector straight off.  Here are the three pins

Here is the under side of the coil on plug gizmo.

To get here you'll need to allen wrench or hex key

the two bolts holding the coil pack onto the head.

One out and working out another to swap to see if the coil or something else is dead.

Here I found the leading edge engine compartment seal loose and off.

I suspect this is where theoretical water worked its way into the coil area.

However, swapping the two coil on plug gizmos produced the same DTC

(Fault code) to make the CEL (Check Engine Light) come on.

Here's the Q: post: http://forums.audiworld.com/a4/msgs/2301479.phtml



Substitute Huco brand.  The replacement is VIN related see SJM link below.

Here are the OEM Bosch unit photos.

This bugger is $130 and up non OEM (Huco / Beru) to 340 list for a OEM Bosch

thepartsconnection.com had Bosch @ $250

Sjmautotechnik.com had Bosch at $307

Pop the Air cleaner cover off.  Undo this part and its connectors (2):

O.E.M. Bosch SUPER expensive.

5 pin in Center pin #3 is "common" or ground.

In this little gizmo Pin 1 on the 5 terminal side crosses over to pin 1 on the 4 plug side

Since 3 is a common / ground, 4 would go to 3 and 5 would go to 4 on the 4 pin side.

The back side has either adhesive or grease on it.

Simple take out and replace for a smooth idle and run on all cylinders!

HTH - Scott by BOSTON

Follow up to follow:  04/06/2005