A4 Concert Radio Coding

Your radio displays safe.

Because your battery died or was changed with a fresh one.

You need to get the code to your radio.

IF you have the radio code, you can get your radio to work.

It is found these ways:

Dealer inquiry at the service desk.  Have your VIN and registration ready.

Inside your radio brochure in the glove box on a card.

Previously written down on the unit itself.  Zelenda Tools has the tool to pull it out.

You can make your own too I suppose.

If SAFE appears and you have the code:

Simultaneously press & hold "FM2" AND "RDS" buttons

until 1000 is displayed. To the radio its numbers in 4 positions.

(1) first position (0) second, third and fourth positions.

Your radio has 6 station preset keys.

Preset buttons 1 - 4 ONLY change the value IN ITS position up from 0,1,2,3,4,etc....

From 1000, Press preset 1 twice and the display will read 2000.

From 1000, Press preset 3 like the .gif below

and the third position number in 1000 will change.

In this example, the code is 1937

after I press the preset buttons to get 1937, I AGAIN,

simultaneously press "FM2" AND "RDS" buttons to end.

The radio will quickly display SAFE then a radio frequency (and hopefully music)


 Pressing "FM2" AND "RDS" buttons again will cause

the radio to think 1000 is the code.

Two failed attempts and the radio will freeze for an hour.  So you'll have to wait a while.

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