A4 Oil Warranty Extension

Curiously, AOA sent this letter and manual supplement about engine oil.

Page TWO reduced.

Here is their Oil Warranty "claim" card and list on "approved oils."

(ALL synthetic)


Currently, it list(s) ALL synthetic oils, unless the "Total" brand isn't.

I doubt dealers use Synthetic on their coupon oil changes for $20/30.

I suspect the tighter clearances on these modern power plants

and the LONG Oil change intervals specified contributed to this.

This "supplement" is to go in your manual in the glove box, per se.


Here is what your 1999 A4 manual currently

says about the Oil change intervals.

If I read this correctly, "Maintenance Service" every 5,000 miles

DOES NOT include Oil changes.

Oil Changes 5K (or 6 months), 15K, 25K.....for a Turbo?

Who's going to follow the maintenance on a lease

they are walking away from in two/three years?

( It appears our previous owner didn't )

The turbo really cooks the oil and I suspect "dino" oil wasn't up to

the task loosing viscosity between 7500 miles. (Excuse me 10,000 miles)

Rumors abound about Oil changes NOT including the filter.

Considering we have TWO of these Audi Power plants here, both 1999 models,

I can't believe the Oil changes are THAT far apart. (15K for a 2.8 V6?)


We (family members) purchased an Audi Assured vehicle around February of 2003.

Here is the dealer invoice for service "After" delivery.

The car NEW was pressed into service by AOA (by lease to the Previous "user")

after April 17th, 1999, YET here are all the "Service stamps"

for work supposedly being done during lease ownership.  Something strange?

I think so, all (three) of the stamps are the same.

By VW Credit Audi Financial Services Certification center in Boston

They do Oil changes and service work?  Looks like the same pen and writing

Then Ira In Danvers, MA did it at 25,355 AFTER we got the vehicle.

(that's only 1,000 miles after it was supposedly done),

but right in line with their 6 months guideline....)

Why?  Because, I looked at the dip stick and it was BLACK.

Wayyy tooo dark for "clean Oil", detergents or not.

The next stamp doesn't reflect an 25,355 Oil change, only the invoice does.

it shows a 36,000 miles change

Here's a time line and table:

"New"  4/17/1999 some mileage unknown Bernardi Natick MA.


No 5,000 mile change like the book says.

3/29/01 10,795 miles (10K)

10/05/01 18,170 miles (8K)

08/15/02  24,513 miles (6.5K)

02/10/03 25,355 miles Ira (1K) but not documented.

in Danvers, after Sale Service requested: "CEL on"

05/28/(no year) "04?" 36,000 miles Ira in Danvers (10K)

The only assurance is the "Audi Assurance" warrranty. 

Supposedly, going to cover this engine for 8 years of use?