1999 Avant 2.8L 30V Idles issues

There was hard starting, (wouldn't catch) and a hiss behind the top of the engine against the firewall.

The above part goes Wayyyyyyy under here with pinch clamps to hold it on.

Yes, the photo sucks as bad as getting under there to see it.

How I got there:

Under these:

Photo below:  Looking from Passengers' side against firewall.

Head on from the front look against the firewall.

Two video files ~400KB :  E-mail me (SuffolkD@aol.com) for them.

First: 721 is hiss and lower idle.

Letting in unmetered air.

The second with the finger is 722

Sealing the air leak / hose split, faster, smoother idle.

Hope this works for you!

-Scott by BOSTON