A6  1999 - 2003 Spare Tire

The Dough Nut wasn't cutting it.

Here's how I got a full size spare in the Avant.

Look under here, it REALLY fits!

The tire needs to go towards the front FIRST,

then tipped under the back lip to make it fit into the cavity.

Although, I still need to find something long enough to thread into the anchor hole.

Here's how they seem to save space

and money by packaging the "Dough - Nut"

This foam spacer makes up the depth.

...and this block makes up the height to the

cargo "hatch" or trap door in the back of the Avant.

So I just worked it off the backside of the

Floor / Cover / Hatch and I'm ready for the full size spare.

Hope this works for you!

-Scott by BOSTON