1997 Honda CBR 1100xx Blackbird

Air Filter Replacement

Air Filter Replacement:

How to get under the seat:

Battery, Storage, Relays & Fuses, Gas tank bolts

AIR Filter:

1.  Remove Seat, unbolt tank and prop up.

2. Remove plastic cover and screws.

3.  Remove filter panel and replace with new

4. Continue to work on Spark Plugs OR Reassemble

You need the other key to open the seat lock.

Turned the key to open the lock mechanism attached by cable.

I pulled the seat towards the rear to unlatch it.

Here I'll focus on the connectors and the tank bolts.

The two tank bolts (left) will allow the tank to pivot up towards the forks.

Then you'll have some vacuum and fuel lines to disconnect.

The below picture is from: XXXXXXX. He pivots the tank and leans it in the seat area.

Notice the white box around the tank front "wheel"

This rubber wheel goes into the groove circled above XXX's rachet tool.

Now exposed is the plastic cover which has ~10 or so screws around

Once that plastic cover is off, you can see how dirty the old filter was.

Picked up the old one and dropped in the new one.  Easy.

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