Both the Bentley manual and the owner's manual tell

you to go to the dealer to replace the filter element.

Here it is: Out in the obvious open.

Go to the dealer?  What could be so Hard?

The two front wire clips are easily seen.


Just take off the clamp and the turbo air inlet hose

from the Mass air flow sensor. CAKE.

There is a HIDDEN screw against the passenger fender and the air box.

The gap to get at it is less than an inch. (1")

Here, Mark applies the torque needed to snap off the #3 screw head.

The screw head USED to be there:  SNAP!

Hey, I see these little screws on the back side......


Fuel filter is on left.  Don't waste your time on these.  They don't help.

Mark says:  Here's the damn thing.

The plastic tube seems to be the air feed to the mass air flow sensor.

Below, is the brass thread insert top.  The lower insert has the screw still in it.

Left is dark photo, right is flash photo.  Click to enlarge.


The oval duct in the lower box is how the air enters the intake.

Shinny band clamp connects the turbo hose to the mass air flow sensor.

Air filter element:

Hmmmmmm. Dirty.

Time for a new clean Mann filter or equivalent.

Part number: xxxxxxxx

Assembly is the reverse of disassembly?