Fuel Line leak:

Diagnosing a fuel line leak.

I stopped the car and while it was running I saw this fuel pouring on the ground.

The rubber line was only wet at the bottom end of the bend.

With the car off there was no drip.  If I turned the ignition on the line seeped.

The car cranked over a lot to catch and run when started.

There is slack in the rubber line and I was able to pull it down 2" between these photos:

The drip turned to a stream when the car was running and the fuel system was pressurized.

this may be an easy fix as the puncture marks look obvious.

Here's how I fixed it.

I bought a straight 10" or so piece of hard brake line.

I cut with a pipe cutter wheel tool a 2" section (no flares) and de-burred the ends.

I further rounded the ends of the cut pipe with a file (okay I lied a grinding wheel)

The with tool generic hose clamps, inserted the 2" piece into

the ends of the fuel line and clamped the rubber hose ends for a leak free simple fix.