Multi Function Temperature Sensor

Under here is the MFTS.  This will limit boost to about 1.4 bar

The drivers side of the engine block

Here is the sensor out.  Its larger than 27MM. 

It won't fit into a socket because of the rounded corner profile.

Here is the rubber boot "protecting" the connections.

The "V" groove goes this way on the connector

Nice corrosion inside the spade plugs.

Time for tuner cleaner and compressed air.

Here's all I could fit in there.  Throw was like 5 degrees.  Tedious.

How I got at it.

Unscrew by hand and have the new one close at hand.

Here's How Audifans lister Mike Deltergo got at it:

"On the MFTS page, having had to replace the newer version every 15 months in my 2 wagons

I'd add that removing the support bar for the 3 PS lines will allow you

to get a slightly longer throw for the crescent wrench that I also use!"

Part Gallery:

Supposedly, this is the newer improved part.

It has three connections instead of four.  Debatable.

Sensor tip

Flange Markings

Hope this helped you out.  A rather easy replacement.