Radiator: 1.8T

The "OEM" radiator only lasted 60K, then leaked along the seam.

With the bumper cover off and the front moved out for Timing Belt work in the "service" position

These outer bolts on each side with free the A/C radiator.

revealing the rubber isolators holding the assemblies together.

The bottom halves slip up and out of their perches.

A/C radiator swings up and over the bumper mount, 

and rests on floor if not on jack / lift in air.

Now, the actual radiator is "pin"ned in place on top with these gizmos.

Pull the outer tab IN to the center to free the retainer

Close up of the tab puller IN to free.

Now we focus on the lines in back. Radiator will tip out when free.

NEW part!  Look at the orientation to know how pieces you'll be pulling free assemble.

Excellent!  Big hole in box w/ new radiator!  YEAH!  But looks good!

Close up:  NOTE:  This is an AEB (1999) A4 Quattro with Auto "Tip" transmission

Hence the metal input lines on the right with the brass threads to lock the metal line in.

Looking at the inside of the OLD radiator BEFORE tipping forward and out.

You'll have to free the Upper and Lower radiator hoses

Wire (retainer) Clip pulled from the upper and lower hoses lock in notch as shown in "profile"

Side Views

Top down look at alignment tabs on Upper radiator hose

Retaining Clip pushed all the way down locks in the upper and lower hoses 

IF the hose is pressed ON far enough.

Automatic TIP cooler lines:

On the right of the back side of the radiator are two bolts to hold the metal lines in place.

You'll be pulling the metal lines out straight, forcing them a bit to overcome 

the rubber O-ring seal AFTER the bolts are undone.

Tip the radiator OUT

and make sure the lower isolators get replaced or kept in the frame.

When you replace the radiator, this seal is to force air through the radiator, not around it.

It goes on the BACK edge of the radiator.

New radiator installed and A/C radiator put back on.

HTH -S c o t t by BOSTON

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