Audi A6 30 Valve Oil Change.

Item needed: Audi OEM Mann Filters W 930/21, Oil.

I burned an hour or more, a pro can do this in 15 minutes.

This is my first oil change on a 1999 A6 30Valve V6 engine.

You should start by gathering the needed items:

Oil , Filter, Funnel, 19MM wrench, Filter wrench,

ramps /jacks /jack stands etc... dime or large bladed screwdriver,

so you don't make 15 trips back and forth like I did.

This car has a skirt or cover underneath the car. 

There seem to be 6 common anchors like the one front and center in my hand.

There appear to be four additional - (two anchors) in each wheel well also.

Use a dime or a large bladed standard screwdriver.

Remove the three across the front of the skirt under the front bumper cover:

Left, center, right.

Remember there is a back row also.


Drivers side:

These two photos show the back row left and right anchors

and the bracket(s) that holds them up.

Don't forget the center one either.

Now there seem to be two anchors in each wheel well.

The two in our drivers wheel were gone so I was able to:

Then slide plastic skirt backwards and tilt it to get at the filter.

Here is a close up of the two fasteners in the passenger's wheel well that remained in.

This made the skirt dangle like this on the passenger's side.


With the panel down we can get a wrench on the filter.

I held a oil recovery container underneath the filter

These are the Audi OEM Mann Filters W 930/21

Put a film of oil around the rubber gasket for sealing.

Here is the box wrench I used 19MM

With the filter gone I cleaned the arrowed sealing surface with a cloth.

Then I removed the old fashioned Audi 19mm drain plug.

Loosen was towards back of the car from my vantage point.

I cleaned the drain plug area and the copper gasket too.

Reassembly is the reverse of removal..... Tighten Hand tight the filter plus 1/4 turn.

Check manuals for torque specifications.

I used 5 -6 quarts of 10W/30 oil.

        by Scott by BOSTON:   to Audi Index