Audi A6 Pot Hole Claim

~610 Rutherford Ave, Charlestown, MA 02129.

How to file step by step the way I did below:

The pot holes are located in the by pass of Sullivan Square when you cross

 the Alford Street bridge in Everett and onto Rutherford Ave in Charlestown

which is part of Boston, in Suffolk County.

Here is additional police activity on the Alford bridge when

a manhole cover came loose later that same evening.

At least four more cars were damaged in this other location too......

Sullivan Square - By Pass

 under 610 Rutherford Ave Pot Hole #1

This picture is taken from my Ford truck around 10:PM on March 17th.

Clearly wide enough and deep as this 8" can shows

Here is a level view with the road surface.

Sullivan Square - By Pass

 under 610 Rutherford Ave Pot Hole #2

This Pot Hole is very hard to see and is long and narrow,

perfect for trapping a wheel and dislodging the many wheel covers I found around.

These debris are approximately under 570 Rutherford Avenue

on the Sullivan Square By pass by the second pot hole.

DAMAGE and Claim:

Below is our Audi Alloy rim, cracked from the impact with the pot hole.

This is referred to a "wine Glass" profile and is standard on 1999 A6 Quattros.

The Pot Hole impact tore the sidewall rendering the tire useless.

These wheel lip crack photos show the reason the tire shop

would not work on the rim or mount another tire to it.

NTB in Danvers refused to work with the rim (mounting another tire onto it)

and told me this was a safety issue.

Here is the "doughnut" mini spare I had to mount on the side of the road.

Here is the new replacement Goodyear Eagle RS-A. 

However, I will have to buy another because the vehicle is all wheel drive

and I've been informed the tires should be changed in pairs due

to the center differential and that the existing tires where 3/32's in depth.

The new tire on the right is 10/32's in tread depth when new.


Our Claim is for:

(1) A used Alloy rim I obtained from an old South Boston neighbor

who ruined two of his 1999 Audi A6 rims last winter.

My total outlay was $150 for two of his rims so I'd have a spare.

My total alloy claim to the City of Boston is $75 for one rim.

$75 RIM

A new replacement (to match the others) P205/55HR 16" Goodyear Eagle RS-A tire.

A photo copy of the receipt is soooo poor in quality that it is hard to read.

So I took these photos to show the price and type of tire.

The first tire was bought the same day on March 17, 2004 at 7:PM

TIRE:  $136.49

TOTAL CLAIM IS:  $211.49 they paid ~$102.37

Fill out a claim by the telephone instructions you will get AFTER you hassle with the City Hall counter help in Claims.

Call and ask to submit a claim.

Office of the City Clerk 617 635 4600 (for claims press 1)

Hear the recording:

Room 601 City Hall

ATTN: Claims Division

Boston, MA. 02201

all claims MUST be filed within 30 days of accident / Incident.

Send $5 with the claim filing.


Here's the step by step at the City hall:

1.  Submit a letter with the following info:

2. Description of facts and claim for comprensation of damages



3. A copy of itemized repair bills and reciepts or estimates of damages (Photographs are helpful)

4. A check or money order of $5 tothe City of Boston

Mail to:

Room 601 City Hall

ATTN: Claims Division

Boston, MA. 02201

all claims MUST be filed within 30 days of accident / Incident.


browse the Commonwealths Chapter 93A, "30 day Demand letter", cause you'll probably write one.

this link worked in June 2004. It takes you to an updated site now where you have to search.


This police report like form and the items above go in an envelope return receipt requested:

I sent a disc of photos, it came back, they wanted more info........

Get ready to deal with this legal office:  Negotiate with them, I did.

City of Boston Law Department

City Hall, Room 615

Boston, MA. 02201

Make progress, sign a RELEASE to get your claim money.

Push for a while for PAY - DAY:


This does not guarantee the accuracy of the information or t

he success of the information used here on this page.

Your results may vary.  You may get nothing or a denied claim. 

They will drag this out.

Persist to win.  Press the 93A issue if they don't

respond within 30 days. Use this info at your own risk.

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