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Audi 200 20V Turbo ECU Upgrade!

Disclaimers and more info with ECU upgrade links at the end.

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ECU Upgrade start to finish.

Here's where you'll start, under the glove box, and you'll keep sliding it back and forth

for clearance to work and wiggle about.  Maybe easier to remove for reinstallation.

Time to remove the kick panel screw at the bottom and check out the ECU

Here the screw is removed from the bracket area.  First screw into the ECU is on the floor mat.

Careful prying of the bracket which the ECU is fastened to is done to save the plastic intact.

right edge of ECU bracket with nuts removed and pried loose.

Just a little "coaxing" to get some wiggle room and clear of the bracket.

ECU multi - pin connector: Unlatching and removal.

On top of the connect is a catch - latch that needs to be slid/pressed upward.

Tucked behind floor carpet is left edge of ECU slipped into a bracket.

Access is made for you fingers to grip the ECU to push straight up the multi-pin connector

Here is the multi - pin connect after slipped up and off.

Here is the ECU free from the left bracket clips (not easy)

note the long vacuum line attached, no kinks - do not stretch.

Notice the clamp marks from the left brackets slipping onto the ECU tab.

Here the bracket is bent from removal prior to having the left clamping of the ECU tab free.

Below is the side view

Vacuum Line detachment from ECU.

Here is about the ONLY location you'll see any slack in a line on an Audi.

Fingers hiding where clamp held line onto brass ECU line.

Vacuum line adhered to the brass fitting so Peter carefully cuts back 1/2"

...then cuts line to peel from fitting

Water trap for the Vacuum line to the ECU

ECU part number for USA 200 Quattro 20V sedan I5 Turbo 3B motor

Particular ECU identifying markings.

Opening up the ECU:

Screw driver (flat blade) is used to pry up tabs on the outer edges of the ECU

Left is Torx #10 (mini) screw, middle is #2 Phillips, right is tab folded up and "thru" slot.

Do all tabs first:  We removed Torx after ECU was opened

Here's the metal cover removed: 

Top circuit board will slide right then flip open to reveal lower board.

Next Series of steps:

DISCLAIMER: This is a guide: 

NOT a proven, accredited process approved by Audi or VAG.

Your ECU is about $800 - $2000 U$D.  Proceed with extreme caution.

We used two primary references to undo the ECU.


there is another one too:


and some German page referencing Porsche 944 Turbo Bosch ECU's

I made this step by step to help understand each step of the way.

Peter is an engineer, I am not (ME minor though), he is confident with solder,

I am not.  You proceed at your own risk, at your own expense.

Here are three tuners of our older year specific, 200 20v 3B motors:



 We chose to try Mihnea Cotet in Europe for this ECU mod.

 ALL have many happy customers.  HTH:  Hope this helps!

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