Audi 5000 / 100 / 200 / V8 (type 44)

How to open the hood when the cable fails.

If the cable has too much slack:

Make a metal coat hanger into your pulling "tool"


My cable had play and slack so this method worked.

Pull * tool towards you, away from the car, straight back.

If the cable is broken: 

You will need to access the hood pin release

levers either from under the car or thru the grill

(at least on the drivers side)

Here we need to focus on the release lever here in the picture.

Views from the engine bay:

On the drivers' side pin you need to pull the release lever to the center of the engine bay.

Left as looking from the front of the car.

More detail photos to understand the mechanism's operation.


The above happens when the lever is moved as below:


The passenger side lever needs to be pulled to the center of the engine bay,

to the right as viewed from the front of the car.  Best access might be from below.

Also through the passengers grill you can get a

screwdriver against the wire holding the pin in the hole.

Just between the IC and the plastic grille.

 HTH:  Hope this helps!

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