Vag - Com Scanning: 1991 200 20V

Here is its first Scan:

Subject: 1991 Audi 200 Sedan 5 Cyl: 2.2 20V 3B motor USA

I used the "Hex-Com" adapter and located the

diagnostic port under the dash knee pad

However, this car needs an additional adapter:

next to the hood release lever looking up from the floor.

Connector was mostly green, then flashed yellow/red then back to green.

With the car off*, I connected the adapter which turned green.

The older type 44 chassis 100/200 Audis have older diagnostic ports.

I printed out the info at Scott Mockery's site for connecting the connectors:

Here the "ugly" 2 x 2 cables were bought from Vag - Com.

Here you can find all the info you need about it here too:

The far left connect (Black) was actually dangling loose

from the holder so I only saw yellow/brown and blue at first.

I Slipped it into the grooved holder.

Okay, so now I'm connected to the correct lines.

The first scan didn't work because I forgot to turn the ignition on.

So I checked the ports on the Lap Top:

So then I figure it out so I turn the key on and the door chime - chimes, chimes......

Then the Vag-Com scanned the engine blocks for DTC's.

Here is the screen on my OLD Fujitsu Pentium I 133 lap top.

In the car and all set to do my first scan:

Here's the Lap Tops' display of the 212.2 Beta Version I just upgraded to:

Here the ECU is comunitcating!

So I click on the "Basic Functions" : Fault Codes # 02.

Here's a zoom of the three fault codes logged on this first 200 scan.

Bentley Manual Volume One Section D2 lists these:

Number 00514:   I suspect because car is not running.

= Fault Code 2112: "Ignition Reference Sender"

Number 00513:   I suspect because car is not running.

= Fault Code 2111: "Engine speed sender"

Number 00537:   "Oxygen Sensor Regulation"

= Fault Code 2341: "Fuel tank empty/pressure too low"

or Fuel Pressure too high, defective plugs, connections, cap&rotor***.

Intake air leak after Mass Air Sensor, Exhaust Leak or Oxy sensor faulty.

*** Car was rehabbed from broken distributor gear. Figure code means that.

Full story in Glossary / Index below:

I cleared "engine" codes.

Then I looked around at "Measuring Blocks - #08:

I tried channel 001, 002, 003, 004 none worked.

In advanced functions: "Adaptation" - # 10:

This is what I got clicking "Up" to channel 02, then "read"

Then I looked around at "Readiness" - #15:

No dice.............

Back at "Measuring Blocks" - #08:

There is a new "graph" icon I clicked on:

Here this graph looks cool when I log several data blocks later,

but the screen froze and I had to

use the "Control, Alt, Delete" Keys to end task and exit this screen.

************** Answer below ****************

Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 16:46:11 -0500

From: Uwe Ross <>

Subject: Re: RE: Graph froze and diagnostic Q&A.

Suffolk GameServer LAN wrote:

> Huw: Duh - Typo......

> Vag-Com 212.2 Beta logging Measuring blocks/graphs.

> Subject 1991 200 20V Quattro sedan USA 3B motor.


> 1. My graph screen froze and Control&alt&delete cured it. Any ideas?

> 2. Are some controllers not accessible with this vintage car?

Lap top info and PHOTOS at:


3B Engines don't have any measuring blocks except 000. VAG-Scope 1.0 doesn't

support measuring block 000. It wouldn't surprise me if VAG-Scope 1.0

freezes up if you try to graph a non-existant group. I don't think we ever

tested it's behaviour under those conditions.

Anyway, please grab Beta 303.0 which does support graphing of Group 000.


   So I started closing and ending Tasks on the computer running in the background.

I never had an issue before, but figured something could help.

This rendered the Hex - Com connector to be green only until I clicked on a command


"Basic Functions" : Fault Codes # 02: nothing - orange/red lights

Between each try Hex -Com would go green again = "ready"

"Measuring Blocks" - #08: nothing - orange/red lights

"Readiness" - #15: nothing - orange/red lights

Hex - com returned to ready "green" light before I tried another command.

Then I gave up.

This illuminated light seems normal.

My Avant had another red light on the display light up when faults were detected.

It would be above the temp display at the C/F degree switch.

THAT'S it for today: 

I'm pleased with the limited outcome and I will rescan tomorrow after some driving.

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Glossary and footnotes:

DTC: Diagnostic Trouble Code?

* Off:  No key in ignition, just the door open.

Diagnostics are to be done with the key "on" so the dash lights up.

*** Fault Codes:  The car was purchased not running.

The timing belt appeared okay:  Distributor gear was broken.

Find all the details here:

IMHO:  In my Humble Opinion

Vag - Com is diagnostic Software for Volkswagon and Audi.

Vag - Com is the property of and its respective owner's.

Scott Mockery's site is a HUGE Audi resource:

The "Hex - Com" photo is from the Ross-Tech web page.

This page is a step by step review of my experience, with their product, I bought.

It is for informational purposes only:  I hope it helps you in your first steps / use of Vag - Com.

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