10 Valve items

Engine,  Suspension:  Mods, Components &  Links

  Fan running after shut down

Climate Control Diagnostics HVAC

Windows & Sunroof don't work? CLICKY:

Air Filter Element Replacement

By Pass Valve Replacement (BPV) Also see No BOOST

Brakes, Calipers, Pads, Rotor, Seals, Piston Boots

Idle Stabilization Valve ISV

  Timing Belt R & R  

Alternator (10V) and Brackets 20V

Spark Plug replacement

Oxygen Sensor Testing & Replacement

Windshield wiper fix

  MFTS Replacement

Distributor:  Engine suddenly died won't start (See saving 200 too)

Saving the 200 Audi sedan in Virginia: True Story

Vag - Com scanning of a 20V (Sedan)

Another scan: ECU communication problem

Distributor: A Vague how to Replace the distributor

Window Regulator:  Window stuck up or down?

 Audi 200 20V Turbo ECU Upgrade!  (Two pages)

Strut assembly / Bilstein inserts (see 10v items)

   Strut Tower Brace MOD by CHUCK. ( others here )

 BOOM!  Car won't go:  Axle CV joint

   Engine Mounts 20V  

  Wheels, Spacers, bolts etc. 

   Fuel Line Leak 



Fuel Pressure Regulator


Hood how to open when cable breaks

Radiator (Metal) Option:  Photo below.

All metal radiator alternative:

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09 20 2007