Model year: 1991, Price: $4200.00


For Sale June 2005: ~154,345 miles, 217 HP 3B Motor (the original "S-car")

Black on Black Leather comfort seats, heated. No mods. New photos 07 20 05

One of 157 or so imported into North America.

Check for imported numbers

When I bought this car I had an underground parking

garage in the city to hide from the elements

Then we moved to the "burbs"......

Vin number:

Approx., Mileage when I bought it in 2003: 148,998

Mileage in June 2004: 152934

Mileage in June 2005: 154345

These cars were originally sold with no badging,

the seller put these on to identify the specialty of the vehicle when he sold it.

I notice a sedan down south on Ebay had this "badging" too.

Rust free roof rails: Chrome

I have the two chrome strips for the grille area in the back of the Avant.

All season tires on OEM BBS rims, classic pitting shown here.

I have the wheel center caps

Timing belt was done when the body work was done, Two years and Approx., 6,000 miles ago.

The rebuilder claims: "he can do anything mechanical" so since he's in the Audi business.........

Newer battery w/ spare included

Windows and sunroof work, some switches don't. (Have spares)

All doors work fine.

Cargo cover in correct color matching interior included.

Oil been changed twice since bought, Mann filters only.

Rear brakes serviced, new pads and guide boots. Fronts being done UFO's

Known issues:

Ignition Switch (have one) needs replacing, works but it will strand you if not swapped.

Headlights have high beams only.  I'll test bulbs to see if easy fix.

Extra harness wires under hood, may have been euros or fog lights.

Horn doesn't work, I'll attend to that too.

Could use new shocks in the rear.

Washer fluid reservoir was left out,

I'm replacing it, but have to buy a washer fluid pump, he forgot that too!

Radio needs code (I'll get it) Antenna should be replaced.

Rear hatch anchor plate area rusty.

Fuel pump Hummmmms.

Trip computer functions don't light up, Wire? Classic solder IC joints?

Passenger's door lock cylinder doesn't seem to accept the key,

drivers door and ignition key work and match.

Alternator belt came loose & fell off, I'm replacing

that with the correct Continental profile "V" belt.

Assembler left off clamps to IC (intercooler) hoses. They have never come off

as I've gone easy on it since the rebuild.  I'll source clamps for you.

I doubt the A/C works, I've never tried it.

Assembler put in too big PS belt and I broke the adjuster, then I fixed it with correct belt / parts.

Car has been repainted, either these doors were missed,

or they are the original paint showing surface rust (no holes)


This vehicle is in decent to fair condition.

Vehicle has reconstructed title, inspected and documented from the state of NH

I have all receipts from the reconstruction and sale.

I saw the car before it was rebuilt and since the damage

was basic sheet metal and lights, I bought the car when it was finished.

Reason for sale, I bought it as a company car,

but the insurance company (two months into coverage) says they won't underwrite it.

07/20: More interior photos and the Avant lift gate:

The interior WILL look dynamite after a full detailing and cleaning.

Split rear seat, indent is impression from item leaning against folded down, not damage.

The nylon chord has poked through the seat seam end (circled)

Paint is fine, as it sits under the tree in the shade

the pollen and dirt splash onto it from the rains.

Of course I'll vacuum and wash the car, but its fruitless to do it over and over again.

Pollen, rain and dirt from the driveway traffic are what's on the car.

If the lift gate looks too rusty for you its a replaceable item, whole.

AFAIK any Avant lift gate will fit.  Its not a special to 20V only item.

The washer fluid reservoir sans the pump the assembler never put in.

Front trim strips, and assorted other items, stored here for the meantime.

Mini Spare included.

 I just picked up this little track car, Ironically, from a guy with (2) 200 20V's too.

I also have a 200 20V sedan

Thanks for looking and good luck with your purchase.

E-mail:  S u f f o l k D @ a o l . c o m