Radar information Pages

Photos of some radar certification sheets various states.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

Note:  This company has moved from the printed location.

There's also one for the tuning forks used:

The State of New Hampshire:

They do their own internally and

I've never seen a radar certificate produced at trial.

This is the operators' Certificate of Competency from the LIDAR manufacturer Kustom

This below is supposedly the NH LIDAR unit certification / calibration sheet.

And HOW exactly is this done?  How is the stationary test done?

See the LTI Marksman 20/20 testing where targeting the

same STATIONARY target produced 1 & 2 MPH readings.




This a certification from a service company which sells and repairs

Kustom Units.

New York:

They haven't produced one in my one experience, they dismissed the case.

However, the Radar Unit I acquired had these older certifications with them.

Below is the supporting info you can request from the officer / court.


Tuning Forks:

They are to be struck on a solid NON-Metalic surface to produce a tone.

Otherwise, damage like this to the fork metal can occur,

which can affect the tone produced to certify the radar instrument

How they are held to the unit, and how far up the handle they are held

all can affect the tone produced during a test of the radar unit.