Fan After run Relay


The purpose of this page is to show how to stop the fan from running after engine shutdown.

Then identify the source of the problem so a replacement part can be installed.

My Fan after run times are long after the car is shut down.

Sometimes it would run all night killing the battery.  Regardless of engine temps.

So in the fuse box, relay #214 (here there are two of them)

was how to stop the fan from running.

Here's the relay #214 marking(s) on the side (part number)

Rated value 40 AMP.

and relay schematic.

Underside, I marked the numbers with black marker to been seen.


Waytek, Inc Minn., seems to have some on page 52 of their catalog.


although I'll use an Audi replacement as the Waytek page seems to be 50 AMP.