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LTI Marksman 20/20 Beam Pattern testing

So I was bored and shooting the LIDAR inside when I realized

the NightVision of the Sony Handicam

showed more than just the light from the unit when reflected in the window.

  Here's the beam pattern by Night vision on a kitchen steel door.

Here's some close to scale comparisons.

Its a shade under 2"

Above is sweeping the beam across the floor. ~ 5 Feet or so.

Two plate pattern reflections from approximately 30 feet

Plate above has the numbers altered.  Black circle approximates beam.

Each License plate measures out to ~ 6" x 12"

Two looks at the beam pattern off the wall at 28 feet indoors.

Sweeping the beam across the kitchen floor ~5 feet.

100' Outdoors:

These stills are viewfinder shots of video, shot from a tripod

98 feet from the target, ZOOMED in. With Night vision "on".

A "laser" reflective measuring rod is to the left of the old Wisc., plate

I used Sethy's beam width program:

and at 100 feet, the beam is approximately calculated to: 3.6 inches.


Since the plate above is 6" high, (photos above) I estimate the beam

to be 4" - 4 1/2 inches on this LTI Marksman 20 / 20.

The beam (reflection) at 125' is less pronounced than @ 100 feet,

but the beam appears to be almost 6" wide.

Using the "laserwidth.exe" calculation program above, the 125' yields a "4.5" beam"

239 Feet:

Here's where the LTI beam pattern emerges.

Blue local ordinance sign

"Picket Fence"

663 and 666 feet TWO different signs

The Marksman LTI 20/20 beam is still like the older LTI 20/20.

In the pictures below the beam seems bigger than 24" like Sethy's calculator would compute @ 666 feet

There was a German study of LIDAR beam patterns and they came

up with a similar pattern of varying intensities at 300' indoors.


referenced and shown in the MNA.org members section here:



The above and below photos are the same sign: 41 inches x 41 inches.

Each letter on the sign is 6" tall and the space between each word line is 2"

Here's the measurement.  The camera was positioned ~665 feet back of the sign

and the Sony Handicam with night vision was zoomed in to full digital zoom (450x)

The camera was later backed off the full optical zoom ~25x.

THE LTI Marksman 20 / 20 is verified to have

a 3 beam like pattern of intensity at 666 feet.

I went back and shot the same sign from farther away:

Remember these are digital pictures OFF a video camera view finder.

The above two photos are beyond 750 feet and are pixelated due to the distance zoomed.

653 feet Green sign.

761A Left Upper         760A Right Upper

761A above

760A Above

758A Left Lower     757A Right Lower

758A Above

757A Above

Admittedly these pictures came out Horrible.

I'll take some newer ones and post those.

I thought the green sign would come out best, but the orange is the winner!

670 Feet Warning Sign NH:

This Orange Sign is clearly the best surface to determine the beam pattern size. 

A better job of focusing here too. "Picket Fence" Beam pattern.

Too me it looks like the center "concentration" is aligned a wee bit higher then the outer "beams"

2074 Feet

Admittedly in order to get the reflection the area has to be DARK.  Focusing is a chore.

Even with the auto focus disabled the beam pattern is hard to distinguish.

Laser Diode inside:

Why bother with the signs when the answer is inside the Tx lens?

Stalker LIDAR for comparison below.

Optics Widths:

LTI Marksman

TX or RX lense your choice:  2"

Two LIDAR guns

UltraLyte codes: