Lime Rock Park 2005:

New England Quattro Club Track Events / Driving Schools

June, 2005 Lime Rock Park Advanced Drivers Education

More photos from Brett and others at these link(s):




Large turn out for the annual sold out NEQ event

Pictures from the paddock area.

Old school resurgence section:

Various makes are represented.

For the second year in a row temperatures exceeded 90 degrees.

Which beat up some tires and participants

Here participants beat the heat by seeking shade between sessions.

Staging area in the hot pits prior to a run group.

Wheel care and check:

Here a vehicle has a wheel well clearance issue

Here the fender lip is being "rolled" back for clearance.

Carter applies wheel cleaner and conditioner to his vehicle.

Here the brake components are being checked.

The pads are cleaned, greased and installed for use during the track event.

The suspension components are checked (by the driver) as well.

Carter finds a legendary conversion car.

Its Nate's TWIN TURBO V8 transplant into a 90 sedan

ONLY 500 plus horsepower!  Details at:

I ran out of film otherwise there would be MORE photos of the engine bay.

I told my V8 S4 student: "you're not gonna catch that one"

Clean one owner FOR SALE

Vintage Audi Quattro from 1986

Nothing like swapping off snow tires for "R" compounds..

Paul Royal's '85 is nicer, (photo NHIS '05) but this one has a turbo 10V in it..........

Hmmmm:. "R" compounds are popular this event


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