Wiper repair.

My wipers stopped straight up and down on my windshield.

Don't take the wiper arms off and rescrew them on by 90 degrees.

this will cause them to go under the hood when turned on.

The problem is the internal "park" position of the motor.  Replace.

Start by taking off this black plastic rain diverter cover.

There are clips and the thick black seal that hold it down in place.

I put it here while working.

Like the picture says:  Take the wiper arm nuts off. 

Some cars have plastic covers to pry up first.

Take a close look at the leaf.  That's a drain hole there too.

Guess where the nut went?  Stuff a towel in there, save yourself the headache.

I bent wiper arm up in the wash the windshield position.

Then lifted straight up.

Replacement motor and assembly is in the foreground.

Removal of the old motor is pretty straight forward.

Take this cover off too.  When comparing used parts,

don't mistake this black plastic as the wiper motor assembly style.

Removing the Assembly:

There are "three 10mm bolts" to get  the whole thing out. -Art.

Right bolt above driver's side fuse box.  Remember the drain hole!

The center assembly bolt is under the motor.  Here is how I got it.

Above is the Left 10MM bolt.  Just 3 bolts in total hold this on.

Disconnect the old motor and pull out assembly.

Old one was Pretty grime-y.  Cleaned replacement with contact cleaner.

The motor alone can be separated if you choose by

the little nuts and bolts behind the motor on the assembly.

Replacement is the reverse of disassembly.

Test "new" motor after connecting the wire harness (connector)

Place the wiper arms back on, in the down (rest) position on the windshield.

Make sure the drivers blade doesn't interfere with the other blade

as it swings up and back down.

Special Thanks to Mike Sylvester and Art Mayhew of Salisbury Motor Cars in NY

for parts and the "how to".

The older type 44 5000 assembly can be swapped in to a 200 I hear.....