Audi(s) with Remote Keyless Entry circa 1999

How to open remote and change the batteries

First:  If the range of your remote or (RKE) in lingo, shortens or doesn't work...

Head on down to you local store to get these watch/hearing aide style batteries

(there is a dime in the photo to give you a size reference)

Now use the detent to pry apart the two halves

Below, two halves slid apart away from each other.

Now focus on the buttons (lower / non key) half. 

Hold like so and use your two thumbs to separate the sides

Notice above the KEY ring how its held in.

Two sides placed down like an open book.

Details of both sides

In case you missed the battery Model number CR 1620 3V

The cross (+) symbol is the (PLUS) side.

Now back together.  I went this way to keep batteries in.

Can you clone this with the FCC ID info?

Approximately $7 plus your time.

 HTH:  Hope this helps!

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