Sorting out the Avant:

First Oil change in the 200 Avant.

Here is the oil level during the first ~1500 miles. 

This is after a head rebuilding, down a quart and a half.

What further made me nervous was the 1 bar at idle, the new sedan

is 2-3 bar at idle - my 10V with 20/50 & 10/40 was 2-3 bar also.

Here is the gauge @ 3000 RPM (below)

During the ~1000 miles when I first checked under the hood, (hood cable failed)

was all the coolant had disappeared from the reservoir.

Here, when the steering cut out, I found (what I thought)

was a missing adjustment bolt assembly

Here the PS (Hydraulic pump) bracket is missing a M8

nut on the inner most adjustment threads.

This causes the PS belt to slip and cuts out the assist to the steering.

Here's the slack visible and by the hand on the PS pulley.

3/13/2003 more in the future like the PS tension bolt assembly unearthed and exposed!