New England Quattro Club Track Events / Driving Schools

June 2002 Lime Rock Park Advanced Drivers Education

Short, but "the point is made and the connection is there......."

- professor Martin:  some one no one at NEQ knows and I couldn't understand either.

Wednesday June 5, 2002 Early Morning entrance to track and waiver sign in.

Each Class of students after classroom teaching of driving techniques

get a hands on and appreciation of flagging duties at Turn 1 (Station 2)

Yellow Class and Steve Early.

Although the above Flaggers at turn ONE can see this view below,

their job is to watch traffic through the next two turns for problems.

Instructor Chris Radice after moving two tons

down the front straightaway at nearly 90 MPH.

Here the 200 Avant is deep into the braking box just at the turn in cone for turn ONE.

The Trusty Saturn after its mighty Twin Cam

succumbed to assumed oil starvation of the main bearing?

below is a close up of what the connecting rod looks like out in the fresh air..........

Above is the exhaust Manifold.   Left is the A/C compressor,

 center is the "gold" shinny connecting rod and the Black MAG light.

Life was ~174,000 miles.

Hmmmmmm. Did the connecting rod let go during a downshift ?


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