Chris Miller Event Master:    January 18-19 2003

New England Quattro Club Track Events / Driving Schools

Mark steering BMW on skid pad



8:30 AM Saturday in Littleton, NH.

Alan overheats enroute to the facility.

Mike at the morning meeting giving students information.

.........or mystery instructor with this exposure..........

Tony giving students instruction of types of steering and other control measures

Following to the "secure site" location:

Exercise area conditions:  Hard pack  snow on top of ice.

Skid Pad / Friction Circle:

This is a 200 foot skid pad where two vehicles will "orbit" the skid pad across from each other.

The speeds here rarely exceed 15 - 20 MPH

Under steering, counter steering and throttle steering are explained during a vehicles "orbiting".

Lower speed (~10 MPH) means a tighter "orbit" near the middle of the friction circle.

High speed (~20 MPH) means a wider "orbit" near the edge of the friction circle.

Paul maneuvers his 20V around the circumference.

Glenn follows in his 4000Q 10V turbo

Deja Vu?

Braking exercises, Slalom and Avoidance area:

Braking box exercises allow the student to feel ABS assist during braking

 and then a comparison to ABS by the student's self modulation of the break pedal

trying to attain threshold breaking, before the ABS engages.

Cone placement time for the braking box and slalom exercises

Drive through the braking box exercises.

Technical instruction by Mark.

Mike with same group.

View uphill to the avoidance area. 

Students standing in the break box marked by cones.

Road Course:

The road course is an oval with elevation change. 

Students learn to threshold brake straight downhill.

Then they transition from break pedal application to lifting

off the brake while simultaneously inducing steering input.

Students then negotiate a slalom course of cones then climbing back

up to a plateau to a decreasing radius turn, ~25 MPH.

Scott with Jaqki demonstrating transition to steering input

Check your fluids:  Before, after and during events.

Not Alan's after boiling over, my car at tech prior to driving to event. Empty!

Timing is NOT allowed at other NEQ track events.

Because this was a low speed driving school (under 25MPH)

the instructors timed an exercise to check for consistency

and overall adaptation to the techniques.

I've attached quickly summarized times for Sunday's fun runs. I ignored the time penalties, as the intent was to "put together" all we'd learned, and see if we could be smooth and consistent, and even in control...

Name                                 Run 1             Run 2                   Difference - consistency        Rank top 10
Tim Long                             1:18.55         1:13.08                 5.47 sec
Catrina                                 1:32.74         DNF
Robert Caro                         1:25.33         1:14.01                 9.32 sec
Rosty                                   1:18.61         1:16.05                 2.55 sec
Don Beadreau                      1:17.21         1:13.61                 3.6 sec
Mark Rosenkrantz BMW     1:10.18         1:09.27                 less than 1 sec                        9th 1:09.27
Ian Frazer                             1:20.77         1:23.65                 2.9 sec
Scott Downs 200 wagon     2:51.55           1:08.83                 ~103 sec                               8th fastest 1:08.83 & Slowest
David Glazer                         1:21.33         1:16.21                 5 sec
Angela                                 1:26.58           1:19.87                6 sec
Chet                                     1:09.46          1:07.52                less than 2 sec                         4th & 10th 1:07.52 & 1:09.46
Glenn Lawton 4000QTurbo 1:09.86           1:26.80               16.9                                       11th 1:09.86
Bob Rueter                           1:16.61           1:14.33               2.28 sec
Chris Miller 90  Q                1:19.37             1:15.61              3.6 sec
Lee Mychajluk                     1:13.38             1:11.11             2.27 sec
Nelly                                    1:32.45             1:29.83             2.62 sec
Brian Sanders                       1:10.49             1:08.70             less than 2 sec                          7th 1:08.70
Eric Bellevance 90Q             1:17.24             1:17.12            Consistent award   (0.12 sec)  and spectacular slide
Jesse Mertz BMW 325         1:46.24             1:20.11             26.13 sec
Eric Beadreau                       1:26.36             1:18.55             ~7 sec
Jackie 200 wagon                 1:33.69             1:30.62             3.07 sec
David Pflaum                         1:43.02             1:17.86             26 sec
Paul Royal 90Q                     1:10.33             1:20.49             10.16 sec
David Clock                          1:14.24             1:12.17             2.07 sec
Wendy Weintraub A4            1:17.15             1:12.89             ~4.5 sec
Allan Bellevance A4               1:07.27             1.04.02             3.25SEC LOWEST                 1st & 3rd 1:04:02 & 1:07.27
Brian Hoague                         1:12.99             1:11.01             1.98 sec
Mike Collier Jeep?                 1:15.55
Rick B.                                  1:08.45             1:11.18             2.6sec                                     6th 1:08.45
Julie Wolf                               1:21.18
Paul Mertz Dodge2500 truck 1:20.80             1:16.14             4.66 sec
Peter Schulz 200 wagon         1:16.77             1:20.27             3.5 sec
Felix                                       1:11.65
Mike Collier (A4)                   1:08                 1:07                  less than 2 sec                       2nd & 5th 1:07 & 1:08
" in (200 wagon)                     1:18

Some pics here:

Are we "gonna" see you there next year?

Photo credits:  I took these photos and had one submitted by Peter Schulz

.........additional posting room for event members' submitted in 640 x 480 size please.

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