NHIS May 2004, One Lap Around NHIS

This is a tight and technical track with elevation and transition changes

WITH some narrow areas, without a lot of run off area.

Drivers' Education School.

READ disclaimer below:

As Students line up or stage to enter the track,

they pick up their instructors

...and wait for the track official: "Control" to let cars out onto the track.

Here cars are metered out onto the track

Turn "2 A/B" : South Chicane.

Pit out lane is only cones from cars at speed. Below photo is Turn 2A.

HERE: IT IS IMPORTANT to stay "Off Line" LEFT while merging.

Above is Turn 2 B and its Apex Cone

"Track out" of 2 B will bring us to the short straight, left of center line.


Above is the Short Straight between Turns 2 and 3

Above is the entrance to Turn 3's Braking Box



Right are the Apex cones to Turn 3.  Bring the car as close to this as you can.


Below is the Track out from Turn 3, which Doubles as the Turn in for 4.

Turn 4

On the right, as you climb the hill, is the Apex cone for Turn 4

Mike swings wide of 4's Apex but he's out to the 4 "Track out" cone, below.

This cone also is the "Turn In" for 5

TURN 5: Passing Area ?

Above is the Turn in for 5 (which is the Track out for 4)

Here passing will be determined by your instructors. 

Point bys could be either, off line (Right) or on line (Left)

Watch for signals from the corner worker:  RIGHT, above circled.

Cresting the hill into the "Bowl" and Turn 6

Right are Rumble Strips, to mark the tracks edge.

Turn 6

Here is the braking box for Turn 6

Turn in Cone for Turn 6

...and the Apex Cone for Turn 6

Climbing the hill to the track out point of Turn 6,

Which is also the Turn in cone for Turn 7.


Above is the Turn in for 7, which brings you to 7s Apex Cone.

Here we Track out from 7 which doubles as the Turn in for 8.


As we climb the hill we transition to the Turn in Cone for 8

Cresting the Hill, we pass the Apex cone below the flagger, in the Overlook Stand.

Here the car suspension unweights, while we are still turning to line up for Turn 9

This hill crest is the Turn in towards 9 also and is a dangerous corner to approach.

Exiting 8, here is the view (of Turn 9) after the hill top.


Turn 9 starts back up the hill and your braking into the Apex Cone of 9 here.

Here if you carry speed, you hold a wide radius turn to Track out of Turn 9

Turn 9 takes a while to unfold in front of you.  Patience, or you will Apex early.

Here you can (just) see the track out Cone for 9 on top the barrier.

The cone is also the Turn in point for Turn 10.


Above is Turn in Cone for 10,  THIS IS a very QUICK transition (Left to Right)

in a NARROW section of the track surrounded by Concrete!

Here is the Apex Cone for Turn 10. 

There is a mount of Blacktop which could flat spot your rim.

There is a lot of Track out area exiting turn 10, use what you need.


This is the approach to Turn 11 which also sets up Turn 12.

Above is the Apex Cone of Turn 11, this starts a braking box for Turn 12.

Turn 12:  North Chicane

Right, is the "Turn in" Cone for 12.  This is an important Type 1* corner.

Turn 12 will determine the speed you carry down the start / finish straight.


As close to the Turn 12 Apex cones as you for slower "pit" traffic.

The Track out area of Turn 12 is raised a bit if you swing wide a bit.

Exiting 12, you HAVE TO round a cement wall, separating the straight from Pit Lane.

once you complete your turn, LIFT throttle,

GENERALLY, keep RIGHT: (by wall) and Point by traffic on left.

Start / Finish Straight:

Here is where MOST of the passing will be done, at this point you...

..should have faster traffic completing passing and prepare for braking to Turn 1.


Entering the braking box for turn 1 notice the 100 ft distance markers on fence (Right)

"Turn in" for 1 is not marked by a cone and there are TWO types of lines:  HIGH and LOW.

High Line is wide and outside, here Low is diving down towards the Apex Cone of Turn 1.

Both turn 1 High and Low lines meet here, right next to the Pits exit.

Turn 1 "Track out" is along the cones Left.  Watch for traffic entering. 


You go right towards the Apex for 2A and exiting Pit traffic stays "Off line" left.

This IS WHY, at the beginning, you pit exit and STAY Left.  Prepare to merge.

"Turn in" to 2 A above, and towards Apex cones Right.

This brings you to another quick transition to "Track out" for 2A and "Turn in" for 2B.

There is a timing, or Steering rhythm you will develop between Turns 2A and 2B.

Now you've gone one lap around NHIS, remember merging traffic on Left.

* Type(s) of turns are best explained on line here:

"Race tracks are divided into 3 types of turns, cleverly named Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3.

* A Type 1 turn is a turn leading onto a straight and is the most important turn on any race track because the speed

you carry coming out of the turn you will carry for the entire length of the straight. Like, Turn 12, 2B and 10

A Type 2 turn is a turn at the end of a straight and is the second most important type of turn because negotiating it properly

allows you to carry whatever speed you had on the straight for as long as possible. Like, Turn 1, 3, 6 (Bowl)

A Type 3 turn is a transitional turn linking Types 1 and 2 turns together, and is the least important type of turn on a race track."

- from Todd Serota's

* Turn TYPE  classification(s)

*** WIDE constant radius turn in turn 1 (can) be similar to the "wet" line

which uses the outer edge of the pavement around turn 1.  This outer line CAN be abandoned when dry conditions exist.


" Black Flag the S6" - Radio Traffic.


Track lines and technique vary from car to

car and are dependant upon speed and driver input.

This is a general guide. Your experience may differ. 

Balance between front wheel drive, all wheel

and rear wheel drive VARY.

Track driving can result in serious injury or death.

This is a general overview on how we did a lap around NHIS and its roadcourse.

We did not use NASCAR Turns 1,2,3 or 4.

These lines may not work for you.  Different vehicles may use different lines.

Classroom instruction is needed and this is used as a guide for students NEW to NHIS.

Photo(s) and Video credits by Instructor Scott.

Lead car driven by Instructor and Event Master Mike and chase car driven by instructor Todd.


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