NHIS Sept 2002

Advanced Driving School Monday and Tuesday Sept 23-24

This page is a collage of photos from the NHIS event:  If someone wants their photo removed please contact me at: SuffolkD@aol.com 

Otherwise all photos are my property and may show trademarks or names that are the respective rights or their owners. 

No infringement intended.  This is a scrapbook of our NHIS event.

First line to the event registration.

After the drivers meeting and class time for each run group, cars move from the pits to:

Staging in Pit lane for a run group.

Each vehicle and driver is checked for run group color, drivers wrist bands, tech for car then allowed on track.

Don't bother coping these, they change from event to event.

Turn 12 ( North Chicane ) exit onto Start /Finish Straight

Doubling up in turn 12 for passing in the straight had my concern

for getting "Pinched" into the wall in certain run groups.

After each run group instructors and students analyze their experiences

Concepts and explanations enhance each drivers knowledge and improve their abilities

Participants in the pit area

Checking your car between sessions IS A MUST!  See why!

Besides checking Air pressure, class room instruction and other maintenance check points

see what one tire wore down to early in the event.

Note the front wheel.  This happened en route to the banquet. 

Cords showing like track tire above led to this rapid deflation.

Good thing I was going to pick up our replacement tire as our

sidewall bubbled from cord separation.

New Installed - however new tire not optimum for track use!

Participant's vehicles:

This particular car gave me quite a ride at Watkins Glen last month: 2.7T w/6speed QUICK!

BMW 2002 - Yup got passed by this one......almost twice! YIKES.

Steve's Loaned Subaru  saw double duty as two drivers in two run groups!

En route to the banquet:

The author not looking ahead - nice framing though!

Another different car at another track event!

See Some points of the track in animated motion:

     10/25:   More Pseudo Video of the track during an actual run:   

See you at the next event!


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