NHIS April 2004

Advanced Driving School Monday and Tuesday April 27-28

This page is a collage of photos from the NHIS event:  If someone wants their photo removed please contact me at: SuffolkD@aol.com 

Otherwise all photos are my property and may show trademarks or names that are the respective rights or their owners. 

No infringement intended.  This is a scrapbook of our NHIS event.

From the NHIS / NASCAR web site.  Here's a amp of the facilities:

Here's a classroom discussion on tires.

Here Mike goes over the tire temperature hot spots and some of their causes.

Cars in the Paddock Area

A couple of  '91 200 20V Turbo Avants

Paul's Bambo (color) edition had ~50K on the odometer!

Subaru STI and many other makes also ran........

Track talk and Driving discussions.

Some participant's Brake swap on their car.

Here's some up close photos or their rotor, caliper and pads

Museum Piece?  Art?

Notice the faint black outlines of the pads on the rotor at about 10 o'clock.

Winner of the Company Truck awards....

The checkered surface is painted asphalt.

Its the winner's circle you see on TV !

See you at the next event!


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