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August   2002


Watkins Glen NEQ Audi Driving School


August 26 -27 2002

Event Master Mike

Double Vision or Red Mist?


Bill at the Driver's meeting

Back Paddock Area and Cars staging for track time.

Drivers Meeting(s)


Some Students

Inventor of the "Collier Line"

Instruction and late afternoon Red Mist warnings

"Atm...Atm......Atm fix everything"

Bring All wheel drive

Evaluation Forms


Its not a rental - I swear!

Is that a hair weave?  Wow....... tough Crowd!

Brett going to stage vehicles

Red Mist and some of its outcome:

Just happened to find this video:


Scary the different half a lap makes......

Red Mist is defined as brain fade.  Loss of concentration:

Thankfully, the driver was uninjured and was able to refuse medical assistance.

Additional Video clips picked frame by frame:






Have a safe ride home.............see you at the next event.

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