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Watkins Glen, NY. July 2001

Nothing Like a great track Lodge w/ bread in the night stand.

Many different makes of cars are run at a NEQ event.

Here is a special Ur-Quattro with a motor Conversion to a AAN 227 HP motor.

Jay checks out the power plant.  The car is simply stunning.

Here is Chris with his Ur-Quattro

Just before the event each car is checked at Tech

to make sure the components are in proper order.

Here Tom C. crests the hill into Turn 3

The Start-Finish Straightaway.

(Photo below by Steve Kulla)


Photo Credit:  I purchased these BELOW for personal display.

Photos by David Newman, Digital Race Photos, 678 Cedar Hill Drive Allentown, PA. 18109.

Copying prohibited.

These are of turn 9

Part of driving the track is hitting the same marks over and over.

Here, for the most part I'm within a few feet each time.

This one is my favorite.  Looks like I'm leading the Porsches.

So we're at the track when this guy drives in

 with this car and wants to do a lap or two.

Art and Chris check out the car

Talk about drawing a crowd.

The driver sits in the center.

The car holds three people.  Two in back.

These photos are by Steve Kulla.

Cars staged and cooling off in the pit area.

This particular year we staged by the stands for the garage area was not used.

Passed again?  Damn.

Steve K on the straight

Steve entering the pits after his run

Real Track, regular cars.

Time to go home......What a great time!

Don't be late for the next event!

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Photo credit:  I purchased these BELOW for personal display.    Photos by:

 David Newman, Digital Race Photos, 678 Cedar Hill Drive Allentown, PA. 18109.