Mirror Stay Servicing on a 1997 CBR 1100xx Blackbird

In the "make it more difficult than it really is department"

I offer you these step by step How to: photos.......

Covered in Lint, here we have the left stay broken off (as I bought it)

New vs. Old 'n broken in.

Here a 6 MM Allen key/ Hex wrench loosens the anchors.

Here the copper base mounts flush against the fairing.

Here's a peek at the right one for comparison.

Notice the washers under the Allen bolt head, you'll need to transfer those two over.

Zoomed out below for clarity.

Here is the old Mirror broken off at the Stay only.

There are three screws, two on the stay area (right of this photo)

and one Phillips screw below. 

The Mirror "Glass" bracket slips in above the stay in the below photo.

The blinker is a three wire which happens to be color coded:

Brown & White, Green and Brown.

Now, how do I get the three wires connected and matched up?

Take the windscreen off:  Six hex bolts and nuts.

Its tight clearance even with the windscreen off, but

you can get your hand to feed each connector through one at a time.

(Now in this photo I just matched the wires outside the fairing so you can see)

Okay now we're done! Time to put things back together and ride!

Thanks for looking. 

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