Le Circuit de Mont Tremblant 2001


Use any info here AT YOUR OWN RISK !  YOU control YOUR vehicle.

Mont Tremblant    Course Layout (courtesy: BMW / COMSCC)

Audi & BMW Mont Tremblant August, 2001

Below is a vantage point few drivers will ever see:

Looking up track Right, now look down track Left from Gallery Bleachers

Most Important is the Pit Out Blend Line

Above is a perfect photo of the brand new in 2001

Track surface and the many configurations available.


Lap Around Mont Tremblant

Below is the ~2.5 mile road course captured on my VERY FIRST LAP.

Because the track varies with experience, speed and traffic, the following pictures

are to point out certain points of interest in taking a lap of Mont Tremblant.

Be advised this is with the new surface / configuration in August of 2001!

Here we pit out LEFT from the Paddock Area.

Traffic Flow is Clockwise here.

Pit out is crucial here as the high speed traffic is usually around 80-90 MPH.

you will miss turn 1 and enter track at turn 2 wide of the Apex.

Here, we MUST keep LEFT of the Blend Line to stay "Off Line".


As we see again, Two is a hill top, blind off camber, high speed turn.

Below: we have crested the Turn 2 hill and are approaching Turn 3.

Turn 3

Circled are the Turn In cone for Turn 3 above and the Turn 3 Apex cone.

Turn 3 sets us up into a short straight before turning into 4.


Exiting turn 3 will be a short chute into turn 4: "The Essess" of the track

We will come back to turn 4 later, lap after lap.

It IS Strongly Urged that Caution be used when entering this "4" corner again!

YOU WILL BE 15 - 20 MPH faster your second lap.  If you follow your first line,

(unless its the correct line for a higher velocity)

you'll either turn in too early and/or possibly spin the car and/or run off the track.

Turn 4

Turn 4 Turn In:  you MAY make a perfect line on your first entrance.

BE AWARE you will be going faster next lap.  Adjust your line accordingly.

Turn 4 is a Right Hand 90 degree QUICK turn.

The temptation is to TURN IN EARLY........RESIST !

Above is the view swinging from Turn In to Apex,

Below the car is a bit TOO EARLY, but at 45 MPH this line works ONLY the first time

Again: this 45 MPH speed works with this line, ITS TOO EARLY faster.

A six car length transition into Turn 5


Turn five is a LEFT hand 90 Degree Quick Turn


Turn 5 Track out above, "On Line" is the right edge line.


Here the two short courses meet.  We go left onto the: "South Loop"

Above is the "Turn In" point roughly, depending on your speed.

Feeding in steering input towards apex and unwinding* to "Track Out".

Here, we transition across the track to the Turn 7 Turn In cone


Here is the Corner worker / Flagger for the next "straight".

Feeding in the steering input towards the Apex of Turn 7

Aligning the Apex right makes the Turn 7 transition to "Track out" straight & fast

** See if your club or run group allows passing here.

Strangely, this bend isn't named a corner number.........


Right Hand Carousel Type Turn.

Downshifting and braking is done in a straight line here prior to "Turn In."

turning and turning mid-turn......

Passing Apex on RIGHT

A bit TOO far right.  Constant radius is best.

Track out LEFT from Turn 8.

Back Straightaway


Turn 9 is the bend in this longest straight.  Its a blind hill.

This is the fastest section of the track.  Expect passing**.


I've been passed here at close to 140 MPH, I was coasting at 75 MPH.

USE YOUR MIRRORS!  Check them often when safe to do so.

At the end of the braking box, after downshifting, transition from

braking to steering input for the Turn 10 "Turn In" cone.

Turning into 10.

Hug the Apex to track out towards 11.


Left hander uphill towards the bridge

The "Gultch" simple Apex with LIMITED run off.

Unwinding towards track out from turn 11.


Bridge Turn LEFT uphill.  BLIND corner!

"Turn In" cone Turn 12.

  turning and turning...

TURN 13:


Above is the Apex cone, turn in is right edge from tracking out of turn 12.

The left edge ahead is the turn 13 track out point.  Area called Namerow.

If you are pitting: "IN", symbol here and keep left.

Use outer radius of turn 14 "KeyHole".

Turn 14:

Keep in mind for later when pitting IN.


Pay attention on the crest of the hill.  Turn 14 is a TIGHT elevation DROP.

The turn comes SO fast that YOU NEED to be prepared! ~40 MPH

Its a 180 degree HAIRPIN.

Most were able to turn tight along the inner radius

and not go all the way to the track out cone...


A quick transition from 14 "Track Out" across the surface to "Turn In" for 15


Paddock Bend

Check your mirrors..

This LEFT turn leads to the Start / Finish Straight.

Generally a passing zone.  Check for traffic and manage the faster cars by.

Watch for the corner worker along the concrete barrier.

Blue means pass ..... and there he goes!

Approaching Turn 1 and Pit out traffic:


This corner is at speed and off camber. 

The sensation was if you went too far left, you'd never make the turn.

Turn 1 starts you up the hill where the crest is considered turn 2.

This Turn 2 Apex is RIGHT on the hill top. 

Its is off camber and the sensation is of falling down (unweighting)

Watch for Blending traffic. 

DO NOT miss the Apex of 2, trees line the far edge before turn 3.

Here we are tracking out towards turn 3.


Circled are the Turn In cone for Turn 3 above and the Turn 3 Apex cone.

Turn 3 sets us up into a short straight before turning into 4.

Perfect alignment allows you to carry some speed into the 3-4 braking box.


Exiting turn 3 will be a short chute into turn 4: "The Essess" of the track


You're back and FASTER than the last time...

Make absolutely sure you resist them temptation to turn in early.


Brake down to the proper turn in speed for your car and adjust the line accordingly.

This 4-5 turn combination (The ESSESS) is a precise turn sequence.

That's it!


 Author piloted this stock Saturn SL2 5 Speed around Mont Tremblant

for two days.  This is my favorite road course so far.


I am not a professional racer. 

These are generic Driver Education School lines around Mont Tremblant.

Someone placed the cones in the approximate vicinity of :

Turn in, Apex and Track out.

These lines worked for this car at slower speeds than most other traffic.

An off track excursion can result in injury, property damage or personal injury

escalating towards death.

These are pictures to show the track layout in August 2001. 

Changes may have occurred.

* Unwinding is GENERALLY NOT done by turning the wheel,

The cornering forces will try to unwind the wheel from the initial steering input.

The driver smoothly unwinds the steering wheel by counteracting the

torque force until a neutral or straight steering wheel is achieved.

>>> Lets the steering wheel slowly straighten out <<<

** See if your club or run group allows passing here.