Le Circuit de Mont Tremblant 2004


I am not a professional racer. 

These are generic Driver Education School lines around Mont Tremblant.

Someone placed the cones in the approximate vicinity of :

Turn in, Apex and Track out.

These lines worked for this car at slower speeds than most other traffic.

An off track excursion can result in injury, property damage or personal injury

escalating towards death.

These are pictures to show the track layout in August 2004. 

Changes may have occurred.

Use any info here AT YOUR OWN RISK !  YOU control YOUR vehicle.

Mont Tremblant

Course Layout

Audi NEQ / ACCNA Mont Tremblant Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2004

Below is a vantage point few drivers will ever see:

Looking up track Right, now look down track Left from Gallery Bleachers

Near Magical Weather


First we start with a drivers meeting

Many different vehicles types

Sticky Banana Slicks on this BMW

and some older models too......


Then each run group takes a class on

vehicle dynamics and the track layout.

Here most aspects of the track are explored.

Key Hole Turn #14

The approximate line through the key hole.

This car was a bit tighter towards the apex above.

The amazing Tumbling Steve!

The 2 Bennett guys returned with their Sport Quattro.

Quick detail to distinguish the Sport from Coupes & UrQ's:

The gas cap lid.

Students coming off the track after their session

Control and the corner workers kept tabs

on students in each run groups.

"A good two wheels off " :


Daily photos shown on laptops

Wendy and Alan sorting out the ticket raffle.

New renovated track classroom and facility.

Mirror image off the Lac in town by the track edge.

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Updated 11:50 AM Oct 4, 2004