Photo by Mike Kirby

Le Circuit de Mont Tremblant 2005


I am not a professional racer. 

These are generic Driver Education School lines around Mont Tremblant.

Someone placed the cones in the approximate vicinity of :

Turn in, Apex and Track out.

These lines worked for this car at slower speeds than most other traffic.

An off track excursion can result in injury, property damage or personal injury

escalating towards death.

These are pictures to show the track layout in October 2005. 

Changes may have occurred.

This year was the Audi NATIONAL event

There were many participants from across North America and Canada

Here is the sign in and info table at the event.

Craig's 4000Q:

All makes an models are welcome.  Front wheel drive, rear wheel, AWD and Quattro.

One truly exotic Porsche

First order of business and info is the drivers' meeting.

Run group announcements and other info is given here prior to opening the track to vehicles.

Audi enthusiasts and other performance parts vendors showed

their hardware and offered items for auction at the banquet Saturday night.


Run group session traffic and passing along the start finish straight

Between turns 15 and turn 1

Here a late pass decides to keep on going to the grass apron.

Another great turn out of enthusiasts and great camaraderie between long time participants.

Dog gone fun in front of the auction tent.

Carter prays for sunshine for the whole event.

Mark shows his approval.

Pseudo Technical Inspection

Steve and Greg ham it up in the pits.

Carter spies an open parking lot made of gravel........

Ready to drive over to the track for more laps!

Here is an interesting look at the morning dew being burned

off the track surface and this spare tire in the pits.

On the second day before the track opened, students and instructors

took the time to explore a different perspective of the track surface

by walking the short course layout.

Here's the trick brake system on the Porsche

in attendance.

Congratulations to the Northeast Audi car club latest

instructors class passing the candidate school.

Left to Right (5): Larry, Scott, Peter, Chet and Marc. Top is Alan announcing.

These photos are by Mike Kirby.

Another UR-Q

Porsche in action into the hot pits

Coupe GT into turn 2

Keyhole shot I cropped for the top of the page.

More Keyhole turn action.

Haymann brothers' Ur-Q

Time to pack up a drive home.  We had a ceremonial push start to start the journey.

Looking back as we leave for home...........

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King of Cord -ova

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