April   2005

Advanced Driving School Monday and Tuesday April 11 - 12

This page is a collage of photos from the NHIS event:  If someone wants their photo removed please contact me at: SuffolkD@aol.com 

Otherwise all photos are my property and may show trademarks or names that are the respective rights or their owners. 

No infringement intended.  This is a scrapbook of our NHIS event.

Morning instruction and drivers' meeting:

After the drivers meeting and class time for each run group

Instructors go over passing zones for each run group and assignments from Steve.

Flaggers / Corner workers gather their equipment and head out to their stations.

Participants in the pit area

Point of interest.

Larry watching Carter stretch out before run groups

Or is it the "Chicken Dance" from a wedding reception?

Cars on the track:

Between 2B and Turn 3

Turn 5, Cresting the hill:


Quite a bit of lift in the front.

The Flagging station:  The above photos by Robin.

Cresting the Road course hill into Turn 8

Before the watch tower / Crows Nest.

 The above photos by Robin.

Turn 9 into 10, transition back to the NASCAR oval.

Turn 10 - 11

 Above photo by Robin.

See you at the next event!

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