Oil &Air Filter Change on a 1997 1100xx Blackbird

Time to change the Oil and Air Filter.   Quick jump to:

Oil and Filter ChangeAir Filter


I am NOT a mechanic, failure can result in engine damage, injury or death.

Here's how I did it, which MAY NOT be correct. 

I consulted the service manual for torques and guidance.

Gallery Photos:

Here is the OEM Honda Filter.

I got smoked at $14 but you can find it for $7.

A cross reference list for aftermarket filters is here:

Below is the size of the Oil & Air filters.

the Filter location(s) are detailed below:


First, I followed the tech advise found on CBR1100xx.org

Begin: put the bike up on the center stand.

1.  Run bike to operating temperature.  Gather tools, and parts.  Locate Oil Drain Plug

2.  Shut down bike and allow headers to cool. Remove drain plug, drain  Oil.

3.  Locate Filter and Remove.  Replace with new.

4.  Fill with oil and test run for leaks.

I open the fill plug and the dipstick to aid in draining.

Now down below the bike we focus on the drain plug.


The 1/2" Drive wrench was almost Too big: 

Box wrench would be perfect here, either way the plug is 17mm.

Lefty loosey...

Due to the tight clearance to the ground I just broke the drain plug free.

Then I put the waste oil collector under & ahead of the plug.

Because I have a screen on the collector, I took the plug out by hand

and dropped it onto the screen while tilting the collector.

( No oil dripped out until the last thread.)

The stream advanced only five inches or so.

The crush washer is aluminum.  Once cleaned it looked perfect.

Below is the size of the plug / washer.  Part #: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


Here is where I'll add  ~4 quarts, the big plug below.


Now the Oil Filter

Do yourself a favor:

When you go to the store for a oil Filter, swing by your Honda shop and buy this filter wrench.

Don't use the small end cap one, the small strap variety etc.... BTDT

Its a waste of time unless you have a strap wrench from

TV or extra work space under your bird.

Strangely, I couldn't get one from the dealer.

Here is what the dealer gave me which worked but had a tight clearance.

Unless your on a lift, clearance will be the issue & defeat most conventional car tools.

Zoomed out a bit for reference.

Foreground is the radiator hose.


Above, the view into the fairing on the LEFT side.

Here is the approximate area to reach up from under the faring.

Twist that sucker off.  Wrench pictured from CBR1100xx.org below.

I run a thin layer of new oil around the top gasket seal.

Check for the old one on the block and remove if it stayed behind.

Fill filter with oil ( I went 1/2), hold upwards as you again reach up from below.

Flip that wrist to get that filter on and threaded.

ANY initial resistance is cross threading.  Back off threads & start again.

Hand tighten to 1/4 to 3/4 turn past gasket contact with engine block seal.

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