Using the Bosch part number:

This can be had for about $4 at

I touched the numbers with black marker so they would so up for reference.

Today's Q:  IS there a way to test this 214 relay to see if its shorted,

causing the fan to run with the key turned "off"?

Apparently, the second (214) relay [removed here] is the slow speed radiator fan relay.

2005 Winter Hibernation

Rear Tow hook

The front one pulls out of the lower grille.

Washer Resevior:

This one wasn't in the Avant when I bought it. No pump motor either......

Here's the unit out of the car.  The ( + ) jump post is attached to it.

Here's one installed (like from the factory) in a sedan.

200 20V Airbox is above it.

Brake Air Ducts

New ducts: listed on Ebay for sale.


Side View and hidden screws

Top View and two mounting bolts

Top mounting flanges exposed



Trim pieces

Light Seal zoom

Bottom view below

Part number for the headlight assembly

Top view with top trim piece installed.

Something cool happened to the sedan one day:

I got an e-mail and a phone call about an opportunity

Senior Royale, who's Avant is posted here too, by way of Peter,

How'd you like your car on the cover of a Bentley repair Manual?

I'll be right there!