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Kustom Pro Laser 3

Views Through the HUD:

Circle is the sight or aiming "dot" and "-" means receding (Away from)

The beam is calculated @ 180 feet to be 6.4".  See page 8 of manual below.

Breaking down the Pro III dot in the HUD to actually see how accurate its representation is.

Law Enforcement use of the Pro III

Notice the tilt of the officer because of his environment.

Seat angle / grip / aim / guard rail he's trying to shoot through - around.....

Does this affect his aim?

Does the motorist who gets the ticket ever know potential influences exist?

The LEOs use isn't as his training instructed him to use the LIDAR gun.

Manual Excerpts:

Page 8 & 9

Square beam & How to measure the beam width at distance.

Kustom Electronics* is the ONLY LIDAR gun seller to mention the SQUARE beam in its manual.

NOT Stalker, not LTI 20/20 , Marksman or UltraLyte, Not Laser Atlanta.

All guns share a similar laser diode.

Pages 10 & 11

Claims of error trapping software to thwart erroneous readings.

Pages 12 & 13

Pages 14 & 15

Pages 16 & 17

Pages 18 & 19

Probably one of the most interesting finds about the LIDAR guns pulse rate changes

and the explanation of the "stacked" laser diode array.

That's what I call the three beam intensity.

Look familiar?

Apparently, the Pro II* and the Pro III only differ in optic size, case design and pulse rate.

Its clear that the Stalker, LTI Marksman / UltraLyte and Kustom Pro Laser(s)

ALL USE THE three beam intensity laser diode, producing a SQUARE output.

The Pro II Lidars

seem to have a tilt of the laser diode resulting in a diamond output v. a square


Pro II above 540 ft LEFT, 62.5 ft (thru HUD) RIGHT

Stalker Above, vertical LIDAR beam projection.

The Kustom Electronics Pro Laser III is a radical case departure

from their Pro I & II (below) which was a modified Falcon radar gun.

The Pro Laser III is made by Laser Craft in Norcross GA.,

then apparently sold as a Kustom unit per their contractual agreement.


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