Rectifier on a 1997 Honda CBR 1100xx Blackbird

Pictures and location of the Rectifier.

Under the rear fairing cover by the seat,

above the front sprocket ,on the frame, is the rectifier.

Darker for more contrast

The connector is below the rectifier.

Below is the Connector orientation.

Wire diagram.

Below is the link to Justin's web page where

his Rectifier "Upgrade" collage comes from.

Comparing the OEM Honda Rect to an improved one with cooling fins.

The new one needs the frame to be drilled to accept a bolt.

Looking good installed in the OEM location.

Above he ties into the original wiring harness.

Then push the wires through the frame to accept the new Connector for the Rectifier.


Here's his photo of his installation.  Pretty good upgrade IMHO.

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