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Stalker Lidar

See the Stalker Beam Pattern here:

Newest Version LZ-1 above Photo property of PoliceLidar

HUD information circle superimposed on the 1:1 HUD tunnel.

Speed and range are PRINTED on the screen

Front of unit with Tx and Rx lenses. Larger is the transmit.

The laser diode (Tx) inside (left) looks like a rectangular slot for the light emission....

I suspect we'll end up with a similar square beam pattern, hopefully of consistent intensity.

Battery and cord handle contacts 12v + / -

The slide in handle connection leaves handle prone to wiggle

in place and is "held" in place by spring loaded button. (circled)

RS - 232 port on the side of the Stalker LIDAR unit.

If you want to know what looking through a 1:1 HUD is like,

take the toilet paper roll when the rolls gone, and look for yourself.

ANYONE who issues tickets beyond 300 feet with one of those

1:1 HUD's is kidding themselves; "following the operator manuals instructions"..

Operators' Manual Warnings:

Notice most examples mention a tripod mounted LIDAR unit.

Sweep Effect:

Beam Width.

Strangely, these 3 mr (millirad) Beam widths

are the same as the 1st Generation LIDAR like the LTI 20/20. Both ~3' @ 1,000ft.

Pictured, the same size, but is the "second generation" LTI Marksman 20/20.

Stalker LIDAR and the LTI Marksman

The lens ring sizes are: ~ 1 3/8" Tx and > 1 1/4" Rx


The Stalker Rx lens is recessed and smaller than the Tx. LTI (below)

Lidar testing by the "Guys of Lidar."

Lidar and camera set up in China.

Updated 2006 function buttons.  "Menu I/O" is the only difference.

Photos above copyrighted by their owners, some mentioned by logo, others of unknown origin.

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