Audi Tech day at their Service University

Here's the Northeast regions' own Mecca land.

Fans, prospective customers and a few NEQ techies visited the

Audi Training center in Massachusetts.

The event was to showcase the new 2005 A6 launch and its technical wonders.

From the redesigned Instrument cluster and the console area ,

(lacking an Emergency Brake lever)

which translates the electric parking brake used on these new models.

To the two available high pressure injection gasoline engines sporting FSI technology

Both the 4.2 V-8 and the 3.2 V-6 are FSI technology.

Inside this sparkling facility were three A6's ready for inspection.

The wide grille plaque is for the European plates. 

The US version is slightly different.

Quite an impressive view underneath each vehicle.

Here's where they "proper" shop lift / jack mounts are.

Underneath, a rare vantage point.

The primary reason for the facility is to train tech's from dealers on these vehicles

for servicing and in depth knowledge about the various systems within each new A6.

The next day a brake system and component class was being held.

The latest generation of the Vag scanning tool.

The VAS 5052 is a portable laptop version of this instrument above.

Each specific tool and diagnostic interface is shown and available for familiarization.

All the referenced tools by various shop manuals.

Supersized tools too.

Here are some part room gems.

Transmissions, engine blocks and assorted parts for analysis and training.

Complete component stand for a running motor.

The dark plastic tank is the sedan A6 gas tank from 2002-1999 AFAIK.

Motor Block Details and seals.


A 4 cylinder bank

Close up with the spark plugs far down each tube.

V6 motor below

The BIG 4.2 V-8 below


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