present the July 2007 Timing Belt - a - thon.


Shop tools and facilities were presented by Lee at Advanced Technologies.

Proceed at your own risk.  We take no responsibilities for your actions.

The Bentley Manual and Audiworld.com forums 


show the disassembly sequence and procedures to R & R your timing belt.

In a nutshell: Gather tools (Torx too!) including a 6mm hex socket!

Off come the bumper covers: Bolts in fender well liner

(undo the headlight washer lines and pinch them off, to avoid draining the washer reservoir)

Undo the front superstructure bolts to the frame / fenders

Use the bumper bolts threaded into the a blue bumper support holes to "slide" the front out

into the "service" position.

that's about all the width you'll need....

undo the tensioner bars for the assessory belts

Belts off, then the pulleys, then the fan from behind against block.

Take off the timing Belt upper and lower covers.

Once the outer assesory pulleys are off the Timing Belt gears, 

align the engine to TDC AND align the top cam marks,

then the tensioner is all that's left to loosen.

Nothing like a lunch / cook out break and a couch ride:



Are you going to stop taking photos and help?

Peter jumps in on the pesky thermostat housing and inner O - ring.

Note thermostat orientation when you take it out. We used a Wahler 87 Celcius.

Both the Timing Belt Tensioner AND the cam idler pulley get changed

Here the tensioner is grenade type bracket that when installed the pin 

tension is relieved so it comes out VERY easy when installed. Use caution!

Once the Timing Belt is placed in and tensioned, then we focus on the assessory belts.

Water Pump

Our water pump (external on the AEB motor here) had no O-ring.

The replacement gasket was more paper than the "OEM" which was steel ringed with rubber.

Seconds of grunt away from the Easy button, onlookers cheer.

Our water pump had same length bolts:  M6?  shouldered tops with a 6mm hex in the top.

Make sure your bolts aren't different lengths, and if so make sure they go BACK in the SAME hole.

These work really well with stripped M-bolts, especially on Audi brakes.

Torque Specs:

Torques were ridiculously LOW..7 Ft lbs.  My torque wrench STARTED at 10 ft lbs.

Accessory Serpentine Belt Tensioner

While planning ahead and doing this before removing from the car is "easier"

we forgot and did it on a bench vise when re-installing.


The fan is a PITA.

With an allen key or hex wrench (90 degree bend) you go in against the block, 

aim towards the front and fan and "punch" the fan loose.

The Bentley manual shows the procedure.


Tyler and his dad finished first!  They saved nearly $1,000 in labor doing it themselves.

Rob and I did the radiator also, which can be found here:

Radiator link.

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