TracQuest Watkins Glen October 2003

"Sticker ads 5 hp."

First and foremost the driver's meeting:

Here Todd addresses the participants about rules and what to expect.

Staging to go on track:

A run group returning from laps:

All types of cars run in the three run groups:

(Fast , Medium and Slow)

TracQuest allows convertibles as long as the track does also.

This owner kissed the railing.

This one uncapped a hot radiator.  DOH!

Every style car was represented:

Vipers, sedans and even minis!

Tube racing cars came to build track time for future events

This car had a spin into the foam retainer wall on a turn.

The real lesson is how the bead of a tire can flex

off the bead in a spin, off track excursion

and have material get trapped in the bead.

this could lead to loss of tire air pressure.

These PCA members check for tire wear.

This Corvette owner serviced his rear brakes

in (his) tech inspection.

There were at least TWO identical Z-06's

These photos below, were purchased from

Here's the Author scooting around in the Chevy:

Turn 9 left, off - camber onto the NASCAR straight.

Here the body roll and the tire sidewall flex are well shown.

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