: V. I . R

Advanced Driving Event Monday and Tuesday July 4 - 5

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No infringement intended.  This is a scrapbook of our V I R event.

Morning instruction and drivers' meeting:

Here is the air conditioned classroom for instruction,

drivers meeting and info about he days' event.

Here is the layout of the long course, using both North and South sections.*

Participants in the paddock area before a run group session.

Instructor and Student buckling in.

Heading out to Stage.

Know your flags?

Pit Out

Staging Blue Group and Red group below.

Heading out

Mark Rosenkrantz past the pit out lane towards turn 1.

Turn Three

Turn Four

"Throw away" Left hander

MORE Track Photos in "Lap around V I R."


* An even longer configuration is available beyond 4 miles in length.

Carter says:

Todd says:

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There is an earlier entrance East of V I R on Rt 58.

This sign is off Rt 58 in Virginia coming from the West.

Just over a river bridge into NC is this sign go LEFT

Short course North layout:

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